Sad News…..

Our sweet, funny, beloved Marilyn has just passed.

I hope to have more to say soon but wanted to let you know that services will be held at Temple Beth David in San Luis Obispo this Sunday, September 18th at 3:00pm.

More information to follow

6 thoughts on “Sad News…..”

  1. My sister, Bonnie, and I were with Marilyn at 11 am this morning. She struggled to breathe but was peaceful. We told her how much she was loved and valued and told her to do what she needed to, and her friends and family would understand and support her. We wished her peace.

    1. Thank you for being with my beautiful cousin, Marilyn this morning . I have known and loved her all her life. My heart is breaking today. There will never be another Marilyn Fidler. Thank you, Marilyn, for being my very special cousin. I will never forget you.

    2. I’m so glad she was not alone. That has been my biggest source of guilt.
      You are wonderful and I thank you in behalf of all of us, especially Marilyn for being so kind.

  2. When we were w/ Marilyn yesterday, I wished her a speedy and peaceful passing. I kissed her and wished her safe passage and am relieved to know that a peaceful death has come to pass for our dear, dear friend.

    Marilyn, you will be missed forever!
    I love you,

  3. Oh, this is so sad. And as Jayne said, we were with Marilyn this morning and we are so sorry to lose her. But for Marilyn, the gift was that she did not know what was happening for the past few weeks, and wasn’t scared, and didn’t feel pain. She remained sharp witted and articulate and enjoyed everyone’s visits, until it was time to leave us and find her own peace over the weekend. We will miss her, but never forget her!

  4. We are so grateful to have known this wonderful quick witted and tenatious friend.

    Marilyn’s wonderful efforts to make this world a better place were accomplished. May she find well deserved rest and peace in her heavenly abode.

    Her memory lives on in our hearts.

    Teresa Coelho Halvorson

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